Swansea Valley Premium Fitness Facility.
The BOX is a state of the art fitness facility
designed to suit all athletes from beginners through to advanced competitors.
We want Effort & RESULTS! 
This is why our team of experienced trainers will set targets based on your fitness goals which are designed to make you stronger, healthier and happier each week.

Our community with over 250 diverse members of all ages and abilities. Our focus is on camaraderie and we nurture a supportive environment built on goals, friendships, motivation and ultimately success! 

With Four highly experienced coaching staff each holding qualifications in Weightlifting, Crossfit, Gymnastics, Personal training, Kids & Nutrition. 

We have a range of classes designed to ensure your success. We take the time to get to know each of our members, understand their goals and motivate them to hit targets they never thought possible.

Claim your Free Box Pass and get started on your own road to success!
World Class Coaches & Facilities

Our coaches don’t just know about Functional training – they live it and breath it, you can be confident that every class will be coached in a professional way and in a world class facility
Focused On Our Members

At The BOX YOU are our number one priority. Everything about what we do reflects this – our programming, tidy facility & quality equipment are all a result of our desire to provide the best service to our clients.
The Best Training In The Swansea Valley 

We believe we offer the best service in the Valley. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the training you receive at The BOX that we are offering The FREE Box Starter Pack for you to come along and check us out. 
With constantly varied movements and activities The BOX is not just another boring gym,
its a state of mind, a philosophy and a lifestyle.
It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are or fitness level, we all start somewhere. We have people of all ages and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment. 

Want to kick start your BOX training? 
drop us a message.
The Box Team
Our Facility.
5,000m2  Space
Assault Bikes
Concept 2 Rowers
Power Plates
Hair Dryers
Our Programs.
Our programming is powered by the NCFIT Collective! We offer a variety of inclusive and scalable programs, developed by and continuously refined by the best in the industry. Our programs range in time domains, variance, and the complexity, but are all led by expert coaches and occur in a community setting that has proven effective in delivering unparalleled results.






Additional Programs Run at The Box


BESPOKE 1-2-1 &


40-50 MINUTES.


Increased range of motion can generate power and promote efficiency of functional movements through improved position and posture
Range of motion is optimised through the strengthening of ligaments and tendons while simultaneously removing excess facia through specific stretching routines
Recovery is increased through the natural release of hyaluronic acid while simultaneously resetting the central nervous system
The BOX 
Includes BOX60, BOX45, BOX30, ROMWOD, Nutrition Plan & Weekly Body Scans
WeightLifting Club
Cancellations Month-to-Month Membership:  with thirty (30) days advance notice for Membership and Session(s)
Box Members
Louise Donovan.
I have seen a massive change in my body shape since starting CrossFit, I have dropped body fat and become more muscular (which I love). I'm mentally tougher which helps with the stress of everyday life.
I have more energy to do other things, I'm less stressed, so both me and my family are benefitting. I'm far stronger than I was, which helps in all sorts of ways, from lifting the dog into the car to moving furniture.
Don't think about it, do it, you won't regret it
Dr Iestyn Davies.
Being unfit and overweight. Feeling lethargic as a result. I couldn't do what I wanted to without feeling out of breath or I would tire quickly, which considering I am very sporty and was very active when younger is frustrating.
Initially was to lose weight and get physically fit.
I now want to reduce my weight and body fat.
Get physically stronger and aerobically fitter.
My mindset over my diet, and eating properly with a he correct guidance has enabled me to accelerate my progress.
Don't think just Do!
Forget about all those people perceived hurdles and you'll soon see the benefits💪
Richard Thomas.
I was thinking about joining a long time ago, but I never felt I'd fit in because everyone looked super fit. 
But one day I weighed and was the biggest I've ever been. So I dropped them a message. 
Never have I met such a supportive group of people who all look out for each other.
Before doing crossfit I could never imagine myself doing these things and enjoying them but seeing the changes in my fitness, I enjoy trying to push myself harder than before. Seeing the changes have also made me blog on my Instagram which is something I never thought I'd do.
Camilla Ehrnstrom.
Definitely the best thing I ever signed up for. Was only going to finish the 6 weeks and now 6 months later I'm still here. 

I only signed up as support for a friend and now I'm completely addicted 😉 It has changed many aspects in my life. I feel stronger healthier more confident in my self. And just being a part of this awesome big family is amazing. 

I would love to encourage anyone to give it a go. It doesn't matter where your fitness level is as we are all different and we all support each other all the way. Just do it and you will never regret it 😍
Helen Thomas.
Well I'm 2 stone lighter and I'm 110% fitter. Mental challenge is being consistent and sticking at it but once you're hooked there's no stopping you!!

I feel like it has made my circle of friends even bigger. I've met some amazing people over the years and it's been awesome to be a part of crossfit ystradgynlais. It's made me a happy, healthier person so you can't argue with that :)
Martyn Davies.
I found it difficult to train on my own mentally as I need that extra push from other to help motivate me and heard that crossfit was opening and i havnt looked back.

I feel more awake and full of energy when I'm training I feel a lot stronger in work, I also feel a lot fitter and stronger when I'm playing rugby
Rachel Lawson.
If anyone is thinking of joining I couldn't recommend this highly enough! I initially signed up to the 6 week challenge to improve my fitness after having my baby. A few weeks in and I was completely hooked and have continued with my membership. 

It is such a great environment to train in; everyone is so friendly and the coaches are brilliant. They support, motivate and encourage you through the sessions in such a positive manner. There is such a great team spirit between all the ladies in the classes, you really pull each other through those tough moments. 

Expect to work hard but the sense of achievement and buzz you get after completing each session is amazing!! 😊
Rachel Davies.
So far I have lost 14% body fat, 
my eating habits have improved, my muscle tone has increased and I feel so much better about myself.

Joining Crossfit has had such a positive effect on me and my life as a whole. I am much more committed and focused. It's a great community and support network to be a part of.
Leighton Campbell.
After retiring from playing rugby due to serious peck injury, I decided I needed a new focus and Crossfit could help in my rehabilitation after injury. I've always been into weights but I knew Crossfit could take it to another level.

After doing Crossfit I feel that I have accomplished something. And it's great to be able to help new starters when needed.
Katie Spendiff.
Ladies I really can't recommend this enough. I started this programme in January and haven't left. 

Great trainers, great workouts and an opportunity to make great friends. 

The work is hard but worth it and you are supported through every step, whatever your start point. 

Give it a go!
Joleen Robinson.
Guys if you are thinking about signing up ...stop and just do it..best thing I ever did! 

Totally recommend whatever your fitness level as the trainers will support you all the way! 

It is hard work but well worth it for the results! In the six weeks i lost fat, inches and dropped a dress size...go on give it a go!! Xxx
Josh Jones.
Getting under 15 stone and, so far, maintaining it and having to order new uniform in work because the trousers and t shirts were too big!

It's made my outlook on everything so much more positive! I feel like I have more energy and I feel like I have more confidence in myself.
Esther Barrett.
I was approaching my 50th birthday and I was worried about my health and fitness. I felt I needed to do more to look after myself - it was an investment in my own future.

My advice would be to try it out, even if you're not sure. The people are lovely and supportive, and you never feel pressured. When I joined the six week challenge I didn't know if I would stay afterwards, but I got hooked! It's all about what is right for you.
Tracey Price.
Since joining crossfit I have been set and achieved many small specific goals. I have increased my strength, my speed, my flexibility and definatly my stamina. I had never used free weights before or some of the techniques and exercises incorporated into their varied programmes.

I have increased in confidence since joining crossfit. I am more resilient and determined towards new training techniques. I have also benefitted from this positivity in other areas of my life. Physically I have muscle definition and toning which started to develop early on into my training programme.
Abbie Davies.
Ladies this is so amazing and is honestly the best thing I've ever done! 

All the trainers are so lovely and very supportive! Work outs can be hard but it is defo worth it when you see results! 

You will make loads of knew friends while getting fitter. Get signing up people 💪🏿😁 xxx
Natysha Kirby.
I absolutely love this!! I joined the last 6 week challenge, 6 weeks have flown by and I'm down two dress sizes! 

I seen an advert just like this and decided to give it a go all on my own, now I feel like part of a family. 

The support you receive is fantastic and the trainers support you at your own pace. I Would highly recommend joining!
Rachel Tillman.
When i first started at the box I really struggled with an over head squat it was one of the most frustrating things... and took a while and I mean a while to master and now I can over head squat 30kg I'm over the moon with.

Anybody thinking of joining i would definitely say just do it... the support you get from everybody at the box is amazing. I cant put into words how special this place is to me.
Paul Henderson.
I have had so many good achievements since joining but my most recent ones are completing the whole crossfit open without scaling any of the workouts! Improving my back squat by 20kg was a big boost for me also.

Just do it! If your scared or worried or even nervous about joining then don't worry because everything is possible and you will have a good laugh while you do it!
Abbigail Piddington.
I recently finished the six weeks of metcon and I’m so glad I did it! 
The workouts are different everyday which makes it really fun and builds your fitness. I was quite nervous before starting but everyone at the box is so lovely and the coaches are really encouraging and supportive, it’s like family. 

I’ve even started crossfit now too! Would recommend it to anyone, absolutely love it!!
Ria Rees.
If you're getting bored trudging to the gym on your own and need some encouragement and challenge, then you're in the exact same position I was in at the beginning of the year! 

The community at the Ystrad box is incredible and this is the first fitness program I stuck out for the long haul, and even joined crossfit afterwards! 

Great mix of cardio and weights will challenge you and help you push your limits- highly recommend 💪❤️
Jeanette D'Auria.
I'm Mentally more positive willing to give anything a go especially seeing myself improve gives me that determination to push through. Physically my strength is increasing and body shape changing.

Give it a go nothing to lose and find yourself getting addicted to training with the added bonus of a friendly and supportive environment.
Becci Thomas.
Socially I have made friends for life and during some rough patches it's helped me more than I could say, eternally grateful!

DO IT! You will never look back..I have always quit normal gyms but have never been addicted to something like this in my life.
Sian Whelan.
I definitely feel I have more energy and feel more comfortable in my clothes.People have commented on my weight loss but to be honest I don't weigh because I don't want to get hung up with weight issues.

I can run up and down the stairs,bend down and get back up with ease and before I started had suffered for over a year with plantar fasciitis.I had tried steroid injections,deep tissue massage,foot massages,shoe inserts but since starting met con it is better! No more foot pain is wonderful.
Sue Reed.
Once you step into the "box" it will instantly become a lifestyle.... new friendships, new lifestyle & new body. It improves your mental health & wellbeing. Huge confidence booster.

Give it a go, nothing to lose but sooooo much to gain. So much support from everybody, nobody is left out and you never feel you're not good enough. What other gym would the loudest cheers be for those finishing last.... remember just because you took longer than others doesn't mean you failed.
Samantha Copplestone.
I really want abs! ☺️ I also want to be fit enough to run the Swansea half marathon next year, something that I have always said I want to do once in my life!

I can't recommend it enough! I'm so glad I made the decision to join the Metcon challenge as the gym just wasn't working out for me. I was nervous of joining on my own, but was instantly put at ease when I met everyone as they are all so nice and supportive.
Bradley Williams.
Every session is equally challenging both mentally and physically. it has put me in some pretty dark places but you soon realise this is the norm and you get use to it and eventually enjoy pushing yourself mentally and physically to the edge

Give it a go. It's addictive once you emerge yourself and commit to it!
Carrie Dubbert.
I'm more focused, More motivated, I've made some great friends which has also improved my social life 
Wish I'd joined ages ago 😊

Don't be put off by the difficulty of the training !
Everyone does their own pace, I've tried many different exercise routines but never stuck to or enjoyed as much as this. I will be a life long member xx
Andrew Latham.
My biggest achievement so far has been physically and mentally fit enough to compete in the super human games thanks to crossfit Ystradgynlais

Since starting crossfit Ystradgynlais my whole look on life has change I'm a more Confident person!! Physically I'm in the best shape I've been since I was 20.
Natalie Simister.
Started with METCON and absolutely loved it. 

Joined Crossfit in September and haven't looked back. I'm not very strong but never thought I could lift what I am lifting.

My body has changed, I'm happy, the community is so amazing and supportive! Just do it, you won't regret it 💪💪💪
Maxine Kerrison
Best decision I made joining this team, I have never stuck at any fitness program before this one, not only have my fitness and strength improved you get support and coaching all the way pushing you to be the best you can be. 

Amazing coach’s proper little community.
Rhian Jones.
This is the best decision I ever made! It’s hard work but the results are totally worth it, dropped 3 dress sizes and the support from everyone is amazing.

Love the Box.
Lisa Tustin.
My 6 weeks is nearly up and I've had a blast. 

Each session is different and challenges you in different ways. It's hard work but definitely worth it and everyone is so supportive that it keeps you motivated.
Joceline Keenan.
I lost my mojo for running so joined Metcon for a boost. 
Been a member since May and still enjoying, training in the morning suits my lifestyle. 

My bingo wings are toning nicely 😉 the friendly environment and support is the encouragement I need to push myself harder - it’s fab 
Helen Lloyd.
Absolutely love this place!!
Like most I was really scared before starting, didn't want to do it by myself, haven't exercised in years and so unfit I didn't want to embarrass myself but the ladies Metcon classes was perfect, met an awesome group of women, the trainers are amazing and help you at every step I'm also eating more food than I ever have done thanks to some dietary advice and seen amazing results in just six weeks, so so happy thank you all!!!!!
Cannot wait to now become a CrossFit member! xxxx
Sharon davies.
Thanks to all the girls for being a lovely bunch xxx
 I joined the 6 week challenge and truely can't be more greatful of the encouragement and support given by all!
I gained confidence and faith that people are genuinely there to help you better yourself!
I was sad i couldnt complete the last week (for personal reasons) but when I'm able to I will be doing the metcon again and 100% taking up crossfit!
THANK YOU Laura Pete Kev and Ben and a huge thanks to all the girls for being a lovely bunch xxx
Meriel Symons.
Give it a go- promise you won't regret it! 😀
I enrolled on the six week Metcon programme to get back into exercise after a car accident. Pete is extremely knowledgeable and was able to reassure me that the sessions were tailored to suit all abilities. From the first session I loved it.
The nutrition advice was straightforward, meal plan easy to follow and Laura inspired me with her down to earth and common sense approach. The fitness sessions were varied and you can go at your own pace. What was most impressive though was the BUZZ! I really felt that all the trainers just wanted us to be the best version of ourselves- which is all we can hope to achieve!
Kayleigh Smith.
Mentally my focus has improved to become fitter and healthier .. and physical I can see that my strength, technique has massively improved since I've started crossfit and my body shape has changed/improved too. which I'm really happy with 😁

Don't think about it!!..Do it.!!!. it's the best thing I've ever decided to do !!! and once you do ,you'll be hooked for life 😆😘
Rhian Davies.
In the last 12 months I have lost quite a bit of body fat. I am more happy in my own skin. Still got a way to go but have been loving the comments from friends and family who have not seen me in a while when they say that I have lost weight and looking slim.

I have become slightly attached to the crossfit family. Made some new friends and I really enjoy the banter. I absolutely love coming to crossfit.
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